Herbal Body Oil for Non-Toxic Beauty, Moisturization, Nervous System

Herbal Body Oiling: Info & Free Guide


Our Herbal Body Oils are made using the traditional, slow method in the way it has been done for thousands of years. This is slow, ancestral medicine & I believe the most potent. We grow & gather the vast majority of the plants we use, harvesting them at their peak medicinal value. Some plants are infused fresh & others dried, depending on the herbs & the medicinal qualities you're extracting.

The oil & plants sway in their alchemical dance together for a least a month, a full moon cycle to fully extract all the medicinal qualities, energetic properties & scent. After that, the oil is triple strained & bottled. The remaining plant material is offered up to our chickens, where they take what they want & do a great job transforming it into compost. From there it goes back to the gardens. It's truly a full-circle process with almost no waste!


Our nervous system & brain tissue require healthy fats to properly function. These healthy fats are largely missing from the typical modern diet. Healthy fats are from natural dietary sources & are high in Omega 3 Fatty Acids, which support healthy cell function & support a healthy inflammatory response. Herbal body oiling is a practice that brings a deep calming & grounding sensation to your body. It is like providing your body with a much needed nervous system reset & deep hug that brings you back into your body.


Healthy fats are a critical component of cellular function! The modern Standard American Diet (the acronym is literally SAD) is full of unhealthy fats that cause inflammation & destroy our cells (amongst many other negative things). Fat is needed to build our cell membranes, coat our nerves, protect our organs, absorb nutrients & give the body energy. They're crucial for hormonal function, reproductive health, memory storage, tincture structure & communication between nerve cells. The high levels of Omega 3 Fatty Acids support a healthy inflammatory response & make your skin glow! These healthy fats also helps to increase the bioavailability of phytochemicals & fat soluble vitamins. These healthy fats are seriously lacking in most people's diets so this is a great way to get them onto your skin & into your body!


Your skin is your largest organ. My first herbal teacher taught me not to put anything onto your skin that you wouldn't also put into your mouth!! Conventional Beauty Products are full of toxic, endocrine-disrupting & cancerous chemicals that affect our biology in very serious, negative ways. Herbal-infused body oils provide truly non-toxic moisturization along with medicinal benefits that genuinely nourish our skin cells. Your skin will be deeply moisturized after the first application!



Full body oiling will have the greatest effect on your nervous system. You can pour a small amount into your palm or just pour the oil directly onto your skin - a little goes a long way! Rub in the direction of your heart & be really intentional with your thoughts. This is not a time for judgment of any sort - be kind & appreciative towards your body & all that it does for you! Massage using strokes on your skin, as much pressure as feels good for lymphatic drainage. Allow the oil to fully soak in & be amazed at how good you feel! Allow to soak in then wipe off excess with a cloth or towel you don't mind getting oil on.


To learn more, please check out our in-depth, 20 page FREE Guide to Herbal Body Oiling & Use the coupon OILMAGIC for 10% off your first order of any of our herbal body oils.

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