Our Process

This is slow herbal medicine made in the traditional way of my Norwegian ancestors. We make forest-to-face herbal remedies & skincare products from the Mythic Forests & Gardens of the North. This is slow medicine, made in the Old Ways


The journey begins with the plants. Here in Central Maine we grow & gather the majority of the plants we use on our land. We live in a rural area & are fortunate for the many wild spaces around us that allow us to sustainably wildcraft some herbs as well. We also source some organic herbs from other growers in the Northeast, prioritizing women-owned farms.

In a world filled with toxicity, it's critical for us to take full responsibility for the ingredients we use. We grow our herbs using organic & regenerative farming practices to produce a high quality product, improve soil health & increase biodiversity in our area. Any other products we use are also certified organic.

The oil we use is a very high quality, cold-pressed organic sunflower seed oil produced on a family farm in New York. This oil is extremely lightweight, easily absorbed by your skin & high in Omega 3 fatty acids. 


We make our herbal remedies using the traditional methods that have been used by people for thousands of years. There is no speeding up the process or quick-fixes! We slowly infuse each herb for a full moon cycle to fully extract all the medicinal properties the way nature intended. Everything is made in small batches using seasonal herbs.

It is a great honor to make these products in the authentic ways that herbalists have been making remedies for thousands of years. Herbalism is the people's medicine & it belongs to us!