Where do you source your herbs?

We grow & gather the vast majority of the plants that we use on our land in the forests of Maine. We also source some medicinal plants from farms throughout the Northeast, prioritizing women-owned farms & businesses.

What growing practices do you use?

All of our herbs are organically grown using regenerative farming practices, or sustainably wildcrafted from the wild spaces surrounding us.

What oil base do you use?

We use an organic, cold-pressed sunflower seed oil grown on a family farm in NY. This is the highest quality, bioregional product I can find & is great for your skin! Sunflower oil is lightweight & easily absorbed by your cells. This locally sourced oil is high in Omega 3 Fatty Acids & Vitamin E which are highly beneficial for your skin!

Are body oils like essential oils?

No & yet herbal body oils technically contain essential oils, naturally. Essential oils are highly concentrated volatile fragrance oils that require an enormous amount of plant material to extract one small medicinal component. Our herbal body oils are made in the traditional way of infusing the entire plant into the oil base for at least a full moon cycle to pull out all of the medicinal compounds, (which includes those volatile essential oils)!

What's the difference between a Tincture & an Elixir?

Both are alcohol based extracts. Tinctures are straight alcohol extracts with no sweetener added. Elixirs are sweetened with honey, which also extracts some medicinal compounds. 

Do you have a storefront? Where can I buy your products?

We do not have a storefront... yet! In the meantime, you can purchase on our website (we ship everywhere), at local markets or at one of our stockists. 

What is Asgard?

In Norse Mythology, Asgard is the realm where the gods & goddesses live. It's at the top of Yggdrasil, the tree of life that holds all the realms. I imagine they would have the most potent herbal remedies & magical, bountiful gardens you've ever seen! 

Are you Norwegian?

Ja, jeg er Norsk. My father is from Norway & the majority of my family still live there!

What is the flower on your logo?

That is the Rose of Trondheim, the symbol of the city where my father is from.