Our Products

We have a wide variety of remedies made with resinous healing herbs from the Mythic Forests & Gardens of the North. We use bioregional herbs harvested at their peak medicinal quality & make everything in small batches. Our home & apothecary are tucked into the forest in Central Maine where we grow & gather the plants that we use. 

We specialize in making herbal infused oils, medicinal extracts, herbal teas, salves, oxymels & more. We grow the vast majority of the herbs we use & only use organic, regenerative farming practices! 

These products offer a simple & profound way to bring healing into your life & the magic within the herbs work on a physical, mental, emotional level. This is our ancestral medicine, the plants that defined how we healed on this planet. It's estimated that at least 80-95% of the world's population still relies on herbal medicine for their primary health care needs.

Our hope is that when you use our remedies, you experience profound effects & possibly even transformations. Returning to herbal products is a remembrance of who we are as a people & a knowing that we belong here on this earth. This beautiful land provides us with everything that we need.