Our Story

Hei hei!

My name is Christina. I am an herbalist living in rural Maine with the love of my life, our loyal hounds, & our crazy chickens. We live amongst the plants, animals, & mushrooms in the wild spaces surrounding us. After experiencing my own transformational experience working with herbal medicine, I wanted to turn my passion into a way of helping others.

I created Gardens of Asgard to offer healing through offering nontoxic, forest-to-face products to women that also connects them with their bodies & our earth. In Norse Mythology, Asgard is the realm where Aesir gods & goddesses reside, and I just KNOW there would be big luscious bountiful gardens full of medicinal herbs everywhere! I channel & infuse that abundant, healing, divine energy into every product that I make. 

We grow & gather the majority of the plants that we use with organic & regenerative farming practices. I make the remedies in the traditions of my Nordic ancestors. It is through this practice that I offer you bioregional, healing herbal remedies from the Mythic Forests & Gardens of the North!

I am the head gardener, creator & formulator of our products while my love helps significantly on the backend with the bottling, labeling, packaging, shipping & organization. Your support means THE WORLD to us & I can't thank you enough!

Tusen Takk,


We are proud members of Maine's Woman-Owned Small Businesses, Real Maine Foods & Farms, along with United Plant Savers!