Loose Leaf Organic Digestive Tea Blend with Tea Strainer

Herbal Tea: Loose Leaf or Bags

Any true tea lover knows that loose leaf is the way to go. But why? Is it the enhanced taste, less packaging, risk of microplastics, or something else? 

Pouring a cup of tea is a sensory experience, a ritual, a self-care practice. It is all these things as much as it is an energizing bolt first thing in the morning to quickly wake you up for the day. 

Loose-leaf tea is able to fully express itself. It isn't ground down into indistinguishable specs to fit into a tiny bag. You should be able to see the complexity. The colors, shapes, scents & energy that goes into each cup. Then the soothing sound of freshly boiled water being poured over the dried petals & leaves & watching as the herbs expand & change color to create a cup of medicinal tea. 

Moontime Tea, featuring Nettle, Rose, Tulsi, Calendula, Peppermint & Red Clover grown & gathered on our land.


Loose-leaf tea is often much fresher than what has been ground into dust & is sitting on a warehouse shelf for possibly years before making it to your store's shelves. Herbal teas bought in stores are also, sadly, not what they seem. A friend was recently drinking some organic Tulsi Rose tea from a well-known tea company. I had a sip & while it certainly tasted like Rose - it absolutely didn't feel like Rose. I looked at the package & sure enough, this USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO Verified, Certified B Corporation company was selling "Magical" tea (literally on the box) with "organic egyptian rose flavor" added. So, it wasn't really rose tea after all.

The medicinal compounds of these herbs are multi-facted and work on a physical, mental, emotional & sometimes spiritual level. You can't fake it!

Another huge benefit of loose leaf tea is the significant reduction in waste. All my packaging is reusable & recyclable & is much better than the individually wrapped bags. Many of those small tea bags are encased in single use plastics, or contains some type of plastic within the packaging. 

In fact, an article published by McGill University showed that plastic teabags release billions of microscopic particles into tea. The study found that "a single plastic teabag at brewing temperature released about 11.6 billion microplastic and 3.1 billion nanoplastic particles into the water". These particles are proven to cause anatomical & behavioral abnormalities. 

That feels exceptionally cruel when you're just trying to chill the fuck out with a cup of herbal tea. 


We are committed to growing & creating the highest quality product with herbs grown on our land & from other organic farms in the Northeast, with a preference for supporting woman-owned farms!

Check out our selection here of organically-grown loose leaf teas & experience the ACTUAL magic of real, medicinal herbal teas.

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