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Gardens of Asgard

GLOW :: Skin Serum

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Moisturizing and Skin Improving Facial Serum. Conventional beauty products are full of endocrine-disrupting chemicals and other toxic ingredients. This truly natural formulation comes from the traditional process of infusing medicinal flowers for at least a full moon cycle as the oil extracts the medicinal properties of the plant.

Calendula has a wonderful affinity for improving our skin health. We can utilize the anti-microbial & anti-inflammatory properties of this flower to improve our complexion. This highly moisturizing oil is also excellent at fading scars, reducing redness & blemishes on our skin while providing true moisturization to our skin cells.

Size: 1oz or 2oz glass vial with dropper

Ingredients: Organic NY Grown Sunflower Seed Oil infusion of Calendula Flowers (Calendula officinalis)

Recommended Use: Pour into clean hands or use the dropper to put the serum directly onto your skin. Gently rub in using an upward motion. The face serum will take a moment to fully absorb into your skin. If you are unwilling to wait, you can pat your skin with a clean towel to wipe off the excess, but ideally, you will let it fully absorb!


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