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Gardens of Asgard

Fire Cider

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The famous Fire Cider! A well-known, much-loved traditional remedy that is a spicy, hot, deliciously sweet, vinegar tonic to boost your overall health and vitality. It's an energizing + invigorating digestive tonic made with organically grown ingredients.

Traditionally used to improve digestion, boost energy, stimulate your immune system, ease congestion, and curb cravings. A swig of this vinegar tonic is also said to enhance your overall vigor & vitality. If you feel that you have a cold coming on or a stomach ache, a tablespoon of this formula will activate your immune system & aid your digestive system to fully function.

Ingredients: Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Infusion of Onion*, Garlic*, Horseradish*, Ginger,* Lemon* sweetened with raw honey (* denotes organic)

Recommended: Take a swig straight from the bottle if you’re brave! Or dilute 1-2 tbsp into a beverage of choice. Also great to cook with and use as marinade or salad dressing!


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