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Gardens of Asgard

Herbal Smoke Wands

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Herbal Smoke Wand

Nordic smoke wands for cleansing yourself + your sacred spaces. 

Smoke medicine has traditionally been used for thousands of years in ceremonies, rituals, and independently to energetically cleanse people + spaces. 

Mugwort + Cedar are two revered plants that are used in European ceremonies & are abundant enough to be sustainably harvested in our Northern Climate. These smoke medicine bundles are an excellent alternative to the over-harvested White Sage. These can be used to cleanse yourself, your home or just a lovely addition to your altar space.

Plant Wisdom: 

Mugwort dances through the air + in your dreams to bring you vivid visions + insights. 
Cedar brings you fierce strength, the ability to weather severe storms, resilience, protection, and hardiness. 

Bundled together with organic cotton twine + ready to bless you + your space! Both scents have a very sweet, grounding ethereal scent.