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Gardens of Asgard

Odin Beard Care - Oil & Balm

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In Norse Myth, Odin is often considered the Most Revered God in Asgard. Honored & worshipped as a righteous warrior, leader, & adventurer with an epic beard! This formula tames & softens facial hair while encouraging strong, healthy growth & healthy skin.

Both the balm & oil will soften & shine your beard to really make it pop! Great for those trying to grow out their facial hair & those rugged men who already have an impressive one.

Horsetail is an ancient plant extremely high in critical minerals for hair growth such as silica, selenium & cysteine. It also has a strong affinity for stimulating hair growth & pairs very nicely with Rosemary to rejuvenate hair, adding sheen & strengthen hair follicles. Massaging this into your beard will strengthen circulation, encourages hair growth, alleviates dandruff & dry skin, along with leaving a gentle, pleasant scent!

2oz Oil in a glass vessel with a dropper


2oz Salve in gold tin

Ingredients: Organic cold-pressed Sunflower Seed Oil, Rosemary & Horsetail (Equisetum) & Rosemary Essential Oil

Recommended Use: Put 1-2 droppers of oil into clean hands & rub into beard, massaging your skin also


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